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Healing our Past: Detoxing South African Identity

“Out beyond the ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field I will meet you there” ~ Rumi

South Africa and its people have emerged from histories of societal division and oppression based on the invented category of race. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was a path breaking, collective South African attempt to deal with the pain of the past and repair social relationships. However, as present history has shown us, there is still much unfinished business for South Africans to heal from this past and transform our present. It is this need that our workshops aim to address – to guide South Africans through a bottom up process of connecting to their place in the broader South African story, of processing what needs to be healed and transformed within themselves and within their social relationships in relation to this broader story, and of learning experientially the skills required to engage in this space constructively and compassionately.